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Below are some links to web sites related to Roca Mines and our activities. We hope you enjoy your visit to them and thank you for coming to our web site. Please read our Disclaimer regarding these third party links.
o Association for Mineral Exploration Britsh Columbia (formerly BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines)
o BC Ministry or Energy and Mines, Mining
o BGC Engineering Inc.
o Derek Raphael & Company Ltd.
o Forty Two Metals Inc. - Wholly owned subsidiary of Roca Mines Inc.
o Genex Mining Co. Ltd. - Underground Development Contractors at MAX
o International Molybdenum Association (IMOA)
o International Tungsten Industry Association
o Kitco Metal Prices
o Stikine Gold Corporation - Common Management
o US Brokers Who Trade in Canadian Stocks - partial list with no endorsement by Roca
o US Geological Society Molybdenum Information Page
Adnet Communications Inc.