Roca Mines Inc.

Roca Mines Inc. / FortyTwo Metals Inc. Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy

We are a mining and exploration company that aims to be included as a world leader in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. With our management using a strong foundation of ethical principles, we aspire to achieve levels of excellence in environmental protection, our commitment to the community and the quality of life in our workplace.

At the MAX Molybdenum Mine, we are committed to sustainable exploration and development. Health, safety, environment and community responsibilities will always be integral to the way we do business.

We commit to continual improvement in our performance, efficient use of natural resources and aspire to zero harm to people and the environment. Wherever we operate we will: Develop, implement and maintain management systems for health, safety, environment and the community that are consistent with internationally recognized standards and enable us to:
  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors, the environment and communities;
  • Strive to achieve leading industry practices;
  • Meet and, where appropriate, exceed applicable legal requirements;
  • Set and achieve targets that include reducing and preventing pollution;
  • Develop our people and provide resources to meet our targets;
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate;
  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous people;
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage, and
  • Advise on the responsible use of our products.

Seek opportunities to share our success by:

  • Working with communities to contribute to social infrastructure needs through the development and use of appropriate skills and technologies; and
  • Establish partnerships that focus on creating sustainable value for everyone. Communicate with, and engage, employees, contractors, business partners, suppliers, customers, visitors and communities to:
    • Build stable relationships based on honesty, openness, mutual trust and involvement; and
    • Share responsibility for meeting the requirements of this policy.
We will review regularly and report publicly, our progress and ensure this policy remains relevant to the needs of our stakeholders. We will be successful when we achieve our targets toward our goal of zero harm and are valued by the communities in which we work.